Time Savers in the Kitchen – Part 1

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Time Savers in the Kitchen – Part 1

Time Savers in the Kitchen – Part 1

One place where we can save time on nearly a daily basis, is in the kitchen. I will assume that you eat at home, most of the time. If not, then you could save a LOT of money by eating at home, and I can show you some ways to minimize the time it takes to cook.

I love my small appliances and gadgets. I have quite a few, but I buy and keep only the ones that I use and love. We have some that we love and rely on so much, that when they wear out or break, we feel we must replace them immediately!

My first featured appliance is my Food Processor. I keep it handy, on the open shelf of my island, because I use it every week. This baby has been such a blessing because it saves time and money and labour. Saving labour has been super important to me for the past 6 years, because I have such low energy most days (if I over-do it for a day or two, I could end up in bed for up to 3 days after).

How I use it:


It takes only a few seconds to shred a whole block of cheese! I like to do this and then freeze the shredded cheese. The cheese keeps for a long time, I only clean the processor once for the whole block. Sometimes, I will shred a 2nd block, too, which saves even more time, because I already have the processor out and I only need to wash it once. I then use shredded cheese in cheese sauce, pizza, burritos, nachos, lasagna, etc. It’s okay if it thaws, you can re-freeze it, unlike meat. We eat deluxe nachos every week, so we eat a fair bit of cheese at our house. I also stock up on several blocks of cheese, when it’s on sale. You can keep it in the fridge for quite awhile, if it’s unopened (check the best before date), then either freeze the whole block, or the shredded block, once you open it.

Cheese Recap:

  1. Find cheese on sale, buy several blocks of the kind(s) you like to eat.
  2. Keep in fridge if you like, depending on the best before date.
  3. Open it for slices,
  4. freeze, or shred a whole block and freeze in zip top baggy.
  5. Shred another block and freeze it, too, if you have freezer space.
  6. Add it frozen or thawed while cooking, to sauces, pizza, burritos or nachos, thaw it first, for tacos or salads.
  7. Refreeze, if it thaws (it’s safe because it’s not meat).


It saves quite a bit of time, slicing or shredding veggies this way, and there are other benefits, too. Since the slices are even, the veggies cook evenly, and since the slices are also thin, they cook FASTER, too!

  1. I slice carrots for soup or for a side dish with butter and homegrown dill.
  2. I shred cabbage and carrots for coleslaw or soup,
  3. beets for soup.


I also have a recipe for Breakfast Bean Cookies (healthy AND yummy), that calls for using a food processor to first make
oatmeal into course flour, then setting the flour aside to separately blend the beans and wet ingredients into a liquid. I
think it would take forever to make these cookies without the processor.

Pie Pastry

I have also made pie pastry in it, which turned out fairly well. The key with this method is to use ice-cold water.


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