Together, Learning Wiser Ways to Live

Welcome to my little shop, where I post my handcrafted wire jewelry. My story began when I was obsessed with beads at the age of 5. By my 20's, I was making assemblage jewelry, then designing and creating Friendly Plastics jewelry & barrettes. In my 40's, I fell in love with wire, when a Viking re-enactor showed me how to make Viking Knit, which is worn like a chain, but made from a continuous strand of wire. I spent a few years learning various skills and techniques in wire jewelry. I still learn and always will.

I love to create solutions to problems. I also prefer to use safe materials, both for you to wear and for me to work with. I support sustainability every way I can (in every aspect of my life), such as shipping in reusable packaging, using Argentium (made from recycled silver). I usually keep my process pretty simple - I use wire, pliers, hammers, and files (no fire or heat, yet).

I can re-make most of the pieces that you see in my shop, but right now, I am focusing on my hypoallergenic, interchangeable shepherd hook earrings. Please have a look around and feel free to contact me with questions.

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