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Hypoallergenic Interchangeable Shepherd Hook Earrings

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How it started

The story of these earrings began in 2014, as a solution to a problem. Six months after my daughter's ears were pierced, they still weren't any more healed than a few days after piercing. I did some research and discovered that Niobium is non-reactive, so I decided to try it.

The follow-up instructions from the shop that pierced her ears said that she should wear straight posts for the first 12 months. I couldn't find any earrings on the market that were straight, other than posts. My daughter didn't want posts, though, because they were uncomfortable to wear to bed. Since I was already making jewelry, I designed a squared earring wire that would wear like a sleeper.

In a matter of 2-3 days of wearing the Niobium earrings, her ears were healed up. I can't promise this for you, but I am sharing my experience.

In 2017, I decided to create new designs that would allow my daughter to wear the fun, colourful earrings that she likes, but were safe from the harmful materials that can be found in costume jewelry.

I handcrafted these hypoallergenic earring wires with care and attention, using wire, pliers, hammers and files. I use only Argentium Silver or Niobium for the part that threads through your ear, for the best quality and earring experience.


Argentium is a trademarked, special kind of sterling silver that has Germanium to keep it brighter white for a longer time. It is 93.5% pure silver, where standard sterling has 92.5% silver. There is no nickel or other irritating metal in it.


Niobium is a pure metal, very similar to Titanium, but is a little easier to work with. Like Titanium, it can be anodized, although I do not offer that, at this time. The Niobium wire that I buy has not been anodized, but you can take your earrings to someone who does.


  • safe, non-toxic
  • hypoallergenic
  • non-irritating
  • durable
  • comfortable, especially compared to piercing earrings
  • great for sensitive ears
  • help piercing heal faster, if your recently pierced ears are taking longer to heal than expected (use squared hooks if pierced with a piercing gun, rounded one if pierced with curved needle).
  • interchangeable
  • safe way to wear costume jewelry earring dangles

How to use them

I designed them so you can hang any kind of small charm or dangle on them that you like. Simply thread the earring through the dangle or charm like you do through your ear. Then, change the dangles as often as you want!

If you have hook type earrings that irritate your ears or if you like colourful costume jewelry earrings, you can safely use these earring wires!

Please note that these are NOT safe for babies and small children, as the earrings could be a choking hazard, or could catch and tear an earlobe if pulled very hard.

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