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I want you to know that I will suggest a variety of products/services on this website, and, when possible, I will use affiliate links. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product or service, then I will be paid a small commission. However, your cost will be the same (and possibly less if I’m highlighting a promotion).

Please know that I recommend products/services because I feel it serves the best interest of my readers. My goal is to help people through my experience. I won’t recommend a product unless I’ve used it personally (which will be the case most of the time) or I have researched the product and plan to buy it for myself. I give away a lot of valuable information for free because I want to help people. This website is also a job for me, and affiliate links are one of the ways I get paid for my work. If you find the information on Wiser Ways to be useful, I would appreciate your support by using the affiliate links on the site rather than going directly to the source. Thank you, in advance!

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