Best Investments?

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Best Investments?

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Of all the unlimited things a person could have or save, Time is the most precious. Well, right after health. We all have only 24 hours in a day, and some of that needs to be spent working, sleeping, eating, and other essential functions. What we don’t know, is how many years, months or days we have remaining. Therefore, it is Wise to spend it the best way possible.

Because of our limited time, I suggest that the best way to invest money is to buy products or services that give you more time in your day. It could be in the form of kitchen appliances that free up some hands-on time, it could be hiring someone to clean your home, or it could be a robot vacuum to clean your floors while you work or play. I realize that most people have limited money to spend on these time-savers. Over the next few weeks, I will write posts on specific ways to save time. Some cost more, some cost less, some are free or may even save you money, too! I will also have a series of posts that save or make money, to help support these time-savers. What suggestions do you have, to save time?

Most of us would like more free time – time to spend with family or friends, or pursuing a hobby, or being entertained or maybe even volunteering. Your best way to spend time is probably different than mine. We all have our own priorities. Most of us have to work and do housework, as do I. However, I would love to spend more time helping people, making jewelry, sewing, reading, singing, attending live music, watching movies, volunteering, and playing board games.

What you would do with some extra time? How much extra time would you like to have?

Please see the Wiser Resources page to shop for items that can save you time or money (or both). They are affiliate links that help support this website, with no extra cost to you.

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