Month: November 2017

Together, Learning Wiser Ways to Live

Time Savers in the Kitchen – Part 1

Time Savers in the Kitchen – Part 1 One place where we can save time on nearly a daily basis, is in the kitchen. I will assume that you eat at home, most of the time. If not, then you could save a LOT of money by eating at home, and I can show you…
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Best Investments?

Of all the unlimited things a person could have or save, Time is the most precious. Well, right after health. We all have only 24 hours in a day, and some of that needs to be spent working, sleeping, eating, and other essential functions. What we don’t know, is how many years, months or days we have…
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How to Make Easy, Yummy, Homemade Healthy Bread

My family and I LOVE fresh, home-cooked bread. I can smell it now, as I write. Literally, though, because I just took two loaves of fresh-baked bread out of my oven! So this post is about how to make easy, yummy, homemade healthy bread. My fresh-baked bread: There are 4 ways that I know to…
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How to Save $100-400 on Prescription Eyewear

How We Save More Than $100 to $700 on Prescription Eyewear I have been sharing this information for YEARS! For free! With everyone I meet who wears glasses and asks me about mine. I’ve dreamed of what it would be like to make a little commission on the referral. I thought it would be nice…
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Welcome to Wiser Ways!

Welcome to Wiser Ways! I’m your host (or guide), Sheila. I have a wealth of experience and ideas that I will share with you. Together, we can take a journey towards Wiser Ways of Living. I already do a lot of things the Wiser Way, which I’ll share first. I will also explore more ways…
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