10 Free, Easy Ways To Stop Wasting Time (And Food) In The Kitchen

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10 Free, Easy Ways To Stop Wasting Time (And Food) In The Kitchen

Infographic - 10 Free, Easy Ways to Stop Wasting Time (and Food) in the Kitchen

10 Free, Easy Ways To Stop Wasting Time (And Food) In The Kitchen

I have compiled a lovely little list for you! “10 Free, Easy Ways To Stop Wasting Time (And Food) In The Kitchen” came from ways I have learned to make meals, when I have too little energy and time. I seldom have the time and energy to spend an hour or more standing and cooking. And, we don’t have a budget that allows us to eat out or order in more than once or twice each month. These strategies make meals┬ámore manageable for me, and spending time in the kitchen is more enjoyable for me, when I can quickly and easily make meals.

These 10 tips can really help reduce food waste, too, which means you will also save money! I find that leftovers and fresh produce tend to go bad before we finish them. We get tired of eating the same thing for 4 days! I am sharing with you, my personal strategies for reducing wasted time, wasted food, and wasted money, in the kitchen.

Freezing tip:

Squeeze out most of the air and freeze the bag laying flat. You’ll thank me later, when you are able to break off frozen chunks of shredded cheese or ground meat. ­čÖé┬á

No need for special equipment:

1. Easy Freezer Meals (Try saying that 5 times, quickly!)

Make two or more of the same meal at a time. Eat one right away, freeze the rest for later. This works really well for spaghetti into spaghetti pie, for lasagna, or for most casseroles.

2. Shredded Cheese

Shred a whole block (or two) of cheese, put it in a big freezer bag, and freeze it in a flat shape. Add it frozen to pizza, nachos, grilled cheese sandwiches, or cheese sauce. Add it thawed to tacos or salad.

3. Bell Peppers

Dice bell peppers one at a time, and put each in its own freezer bag, freeze the bags. Add it frozen to soups or chilis or nachos. When the freezer bags are empty, they can be washed and reused, as they are quite durable and there is little worry of contamination.

4. Keep It Clean

Keep your fridge and freezer clean and tidy. Toss the outdated leftovers and condiments. This makes things easier to find and keeps you safer from food poisoning.

5. Preserving Your Veggies

Shred veggies, such as zucchini, and freeze for later. Use thawed in zucchini loaf or frozen in soup. I recommend planning the recipe you’ll use and measuring the recipe amount into the bag. This works really well for dill weed, too, only you would chop it finely, and make sure it’s dry when you freeze it. No need to measure herbs, as they should be easy to break apart.

6. Pre-cook Ground Meat

Cook 5 lbs of ground meat and store it in freezer bags in the freezer. Break off what you’ll need, put the bag back in the freezer, and thaw only what you need. Alternatively, plan the recipe and measure that amount into individual bags. I use it thawed for nachos, tacos, soup, pizza, and shepherd’s pie. You can use it in any recipe that calls for cooked, ground meat. I find this super helpful because I don’t eat meat, but my family does!

If you have the following gadgets or small appliances:

7. Cookie Scoops

Use spring-hinged cookie scoops to portion out cookie dough, dumpling dough, ice cream, melon balls. It makes consistent portions, so cookies will bake evenly, and dumplings will be evenly cooked. I find it also saves time.

8. Slow Cooker

Find some of your favourite “freezer to crockpot recipes”, and make at least 5 at a time (remember to label them!). One kitchen cleanup, and you’ll have some easy, already-prepped meals or main courses in your future.

9. Time In Your Pocket

Use a portable kitchen timer that fits in your pocket, so you can leave the kitchen to do other things, but won’t forget and overcook or burn your food. Mine has a magnet for keeping on the fridge or stove.

10. Stand Mixer

Use it if you have it, or borrow one. Cookies and fruitcake are so much easier & faster! My fruitcake batter is so thick, I’m not sure if I could stir it by hand. Without my mixer, I would never make my favourite fruitcake.


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Disclaimer: this article is for information, only. While I practice good food hygiene, please check with proper authorities about food safety.

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